At FIRKIN, we’ve always been about making something deliciously different. Our early days were spent in the family kitchen, huddled around a little pot still, experimenting with weird and wonderful gin-making techniques.

After months of tinkering, tasting, combining and refining, our quest for perfection was complete with the creation of our classic signature gin. From there, we expanded our range and delivered even more premium spirits – and received a hatful of awards in return.

Today, that wee pot still is a romantic reminder of our humble beginnings. We may have moved out of the kitchen into our Edinburgh still room, but our thirst for knowledge is still as strong, and we continue to put the gee-whiz into G&T, creating new gins bursting with unique character and FIRKIN amazing flavour.


Every drop of our delicious FIRKIN Gin starts with neutral grain spirit, a flavourless base alcohol made from wheat. Next, we add our ten signature botanicals, then carefully boil it in our 500-litre still, slowly heating it to drive off the vapours.

After distillation, we rest it for a few days so the flavours can mingle, then add pure filtered water to reduce the strength to 46% ABV. The only thing we don’t do is filter it – ensuring a rich and robust flavour and a character that’s as impressive as the quality.

This attention to detail runs through everything we do, from discovering and developing new flavours to delivering our delicious spirit to doorsteps across the world. From our original signature and oak-aged creations, we’ve now extended our talents to include a sublime selection of premium cask-aged spirits. So for every taste – and every occasion – you’ll find the perfect FIRKIN match.


At FIRKIN, we respect the old way of doing things – but we’re not bound by tradition. That’s why we’re always inquiring and innovating, using our trademark blend of art and science to create uniquely modern spirits for 21st century tastes.

This passion for perfection and quest for quality means we’d never make anything we wouldn’t drink ourselves. So when you’re sipping one of our sublimely smooth and satisfying spirits, you’ll know it’s been made to the highest FIRKIN standards.