Is It FIRKIN Cocktail Hour Yet?

World Gin Day may have passed in a flurry of ice, tonic and lime wedges but FIRKIN GIN is here to stay and by way of celebration we have recreated our launch cocktails for your enjoyment. What better way to start than with a bit of fizz, with our Classic Firkin Cocktail, you can enjoy all the sparkle of a classic, champagne cocktail with the added bonus of some FIRKIN GIN, garnished beautifully with orange peel.

Classic FIRKIN Cocktail

Classic Firkin Cocktail

Based on a classic champagne cocktail.


  • 1 cube brown sugar
  • 2 drops of angostura bitter
  • Firkin Gin

Pour the gin until you cover the sugar Top up with dry sparkling riesling (dry spk) Garnish with orange peel (rolled).

FIRKIN Negroni

Gin has always been recognized as a great a pre-dinner aperitif and Firkin Gin is no different – served up with ice, tonic and a vanilla pod garnish, it sits beautifully well in this area of the spirits market, as an F’nT. Another interesting try for pre-dinner aperitif however, and a great favourite among Gin lovers worldwide; here is the Firkin take on a Negroni…

  • 2 cubes brown sugar at the bottom of the glass
  • 2 drops of the following bitters: Orange Cherry Chocolate essence, Classic angostura
  • 25 ml Firkin Gin
  • 25ml vermouth
  • 25ml campari

Muddle the sugar and bitters and then build up as an old fashioned Slowly add the spirits and ice in rotation, stirring constantly until incorporated this will take about 8 minutes until the sugar is dissolved Garnish with orange peel.

Feedback since the Firkin Gin launch has been plentiful and we take great enjoyment from reading Firkin lovers’ great mixes, with tonic, ice, orange, vanilla and ginger, playing a large part and new mixes being discovered each day. With hints of lemon and nuances of elderflower, Firkin Gin lends itself well to a Firkin Sweet and Sour…


Firkin Sweet and Sour

  • 50ml lemon juice
  • 35ml Firkin Gin
  • 25ml agave syrup
  • 5ml marashino liqueur
  • 10ml egg white

Shake all the ingredients together. Pour over ice. Garnish with a small lemon wedge.

Firkin Gin is a fabulously flexible and interesting addition to any spirits shelf with strong appeal in both the Gin and Whisky markets. A fabulous bottle and strong image sets it apart from its contemporaries, making it the ‘must have’ spirit of 2015. If you have enjoyed reading about our Firkin cocktails and would like to get creative yourself, Firkin Gin can be found at the following stockists:

Firkin Gin stockists:

Mmm and Glug, Newcastle
Royal Mile Whiskies, Edinburgh
56 North, Edinburgh
Castlehill Whiskies, Edinburgh
Cannonball, Edinburgh
Restaurant Mark Greenaway,
Edinburgh Drinkmonger, Edinburgh

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